Work Log – Vincent Lai Projects that I've undertaken over the years


ASIC – Digital Integrated Circuit Design

3D NAND layout

This was one of the courses that I did in my final year. Aim to comprehend the different issues related to the development of digital integrated circuits including fabrication, circuit design, implementation methodologies, testing, design methodologies and tools and future trends. And use tools (Electric, IRSIM, etc...) covering the back-end design stages of digital integrated circuits.

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Speech Enhancement – Real-Time DSP

Speech Enhancement Graphs

This was my 3rd year RTDSP project involving the design of a system to perform speech enhancement. This was implemented on a Texas Instruments (TI) C6711 DSK board and the algorithms were implemented in C, the program was compiled with Code Composer Studio (CCS) and downloaded to the DSK board.

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Targeting Handel-C to the DE2 Board

Altera DE2

I was one of the two students sponsored by Altera to work on a project at Imperial for 10 weeks during Summer Vacations 2006. This project involves writing a library of macros (drivers) in Handel-C and writing a manual for the DE2 board (featuring an Altera Cyclone II FPGA). It was a very good experience to put my knowledge into practice and skills in both developing drivers and writing a manual.

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eVac – A Smart Vacuum Cleaner

eVac - Smart Vacuum Cleaner

This was my 3rd year group project. Not only can eVac clean the house itself, it also has surveillance features. These are motion detection and real time video streaming with a web browser interface. I was in charge of designing the communication system between eVac and the router using Wi-Fi and a web browser interface to control and monitor eVac.

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Removal Express – Website Design

Removal X

A website which I designed for Removal Express Services - a professional removal and delivery company based in London. This website is based on Joomla - a content management system.

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Future Rovers for Planetary Exploration

eVac - Smart Vacuum Cleaner

This was my 2nd year group project, this involved the research of the two rovers operating on Mars at the time. I was in charged of the research on navigation of the rovers, the website and putting together the report. The details of this project can be found on the project website.

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